Acute Injury Management


Our injury management services utilise a multifactorial approach to produce the best outcomes.  We can provide this approach through our network of associated clinics, by engaging your employee's preferred treating practitioners, and through utilisation of early diagnostic imaging.


By ensuring the most accurate diagnosis at the earliest point, we enhance the early management, but also prognosis, of injuries and their sequelae.


We are well supported by our strategic partnership with MRI Now in gaining fast and efficient access to imaging, which provides strong objective support to our early return to work plans.


We have produced this flier to discuss our injury management activities.


Contact our staff for further information on a tailored medical solution for you and your company.

Early Imaging and Intervention


CMCS Group has forged a strategic partnership with MRI Now, to allow rapid and efficient access to modern imaging technology. The utilisation of this capability results in early objective evidence to drive diagnosis, treatment, and management.


MRI Now has shown itself to be an efficient and convenient way to arrange the conduct of imaging, with benefits for doctors, companies, and patients.  Our doctors are assured that the patient will have their imaging completed quickly, assisting them in planning treatment and prognosis.  Patients get early access to imaging without having to worry about calling multiple providers.  Companies are spare much of the paperwork associated with gaining approval for undertaking imaging.


With the early objective evidence, CMCS Group doctors are able to ensure that patients receive best practice treatment as soon as possible, boosting both medical and return to work outcomes.