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Corporate Medical Consulting Services Group

Corporate Medical Consulting Services Group provides medical consulting services to Corporate and Government clients.  Our focus is on the provision of personnel, advice and knowledge to enhance the capability of our clients.

Our Service Principles

We believe that quality occupational care is a product of proactive medical professionals building solid relationships with employers and employees alike.

If you're interested in the principles which underly all of our service provision, have a look here.

Early Imaging and Intervention allows for appropriate measures to be instituted as quickly as possible.

Through our strategic partnership with MRI Now, we are able to access imaging rapidly and efficiently at the convenience of businesses and patients alike. Where appropriate, this drives early surgical referral and intervention and, in turn, a rapid return to work.

We have a number of Medical Review Officers (MROs) working with CMCS Group.  We are able to provide qualified, reliable advice on Drug and Alcohol test interpretation, policy development and implementation, and its place in workplace health.

Our practitioners include Occupational Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, Nursing Staff and General Practitioners.  Through utilising the myriad of skills and experience our team provides, we are able to assist not only in the management and treatment of Workplace Injuries, but more broadly in assisting in keeping your workforce fit and healthy.

Our practitioners are able to undertake Independent Medical Examinations, including Fitness for Duty, as well as examinations under various legislative schemes.

We pride ourselves on not only answering the questions asked, but actively working to move cases forward for the benefit of both the patient and the client.