Individual Services


We have services to assist companies in the management of individuals. This range of services include:


  • Acute Injury Management

  • Return to Work Facilitation, second opinions, a rehabilitation assistance

  • Independent Medical Examinations and Fitness for Duty reviews

  • Traditional Pre-Employment Medicals 

  • Online Pre-Employment Questionnaires

  • Health Surveillance

Acute Injury Management


Please see our dedicated page on our Acute Injury Management services and philosophy.

IMEs and FFDs

CMCS Group prides itself on Independent Medical Examinations and Fitness for Duty reviews that go the extra step.  We aim to deliver value through clear, two way communication.


By understanding the situation, we can not only answer the question, but work with you to map a path forward which is both commercially and medically sound.

Traditional Pre-Employments

Whether a medical you have designed previously, one of our generic medicals, or a medical we design for you and your business, CMCS Group is able to provide your prospective employees with traditional, face-to-face pre-employment medicals.


Contact one of our consultants to discuss an appropriate individual solution for you.

Online Pre-Employments

Our online pre-employment questionnaires are reviewed by our doctors to provide you and your business with a risk stratification of your prospective employees.


Faster, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional face-to-face medicals, these are particularly useful for low risk jobs or demographics.


Contact one of our consultants to see if these might be useful in your business.

Return to Work Facilitation

We can provide Return to Work assistance, second opinions, and rehabilitation plans, separate to the more formal Independent Medical Examinations.  


As fellow clinicians and treaters, we can have the difficult conversations with both patients and other health providers to assist and support workers to return to the workplace.

Health Surveillance

There is increasing legislation and discussion regarding the provision of health surveillance.  While legislation is lagging in some states, it is clear that workplaces and businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their workers are not put at risk through the exposure to hazardous substances and/or physical hazards.


We can assist in the development and implementation of a health surveillance program to fulfill all the legislative requirements, and ensure the ongoing good health of your personnel.


Our Health Surveillance services include:


  • Advice on the production of a Health Surveillance Policy

  • Development of an appropriate Health Surveillance medical, including biological monitoring where appropriate

  • Development of an appropriate network of providers to undertake the health surveillance in a manner convenient to the business - this may include:

    • CMCS Group clinics

    • CMCS Group Networked clinics

    • Mobile service provision

    • Fly-in-Fly-out services

  • Reminder services to assist recalling patients for subsequent health surveillance

  • Health Surveillance Record storage