Corporate Medical Consulting Services


As our name would suggest, we provide medical consulting services to corporate, government and industry clients.  From strategic advice and policy development to our acute injury management services, CMCS Group can provide for all your Occupational Medical needs.  

Individual Services


We have services to assist companies in the management of individuals. This range of services include:


  • Acute Injury Management

  • Return to Work facilitation, second opinions, a rehabilitation assistance

  • Independent Medical Examinations and Fitness for Duty reviews

  • Traditional Pre-Employment Medicals 

  • Online Pre-Employment Questionnaires

  • Health Surveillance

Small Group Services


We provide a series of services tailored to small groups. Designed to support management or groups of employees to maintain their health these services include:


  • Health and wellbeing seminars and initiatives

  • Chronic health education

  • Health Checks

  • Safety and Injury Prevention sessions

Company Services


We also provide services to the company as a whole.  This generally revolves around the provision of advice in the development of policy.  Particular areas where our advice may add value include:


  • Drugs and Alcohol

  • Fatigue Management

  • Injury Management

  • Fitness for Duty

  • Return to Work