Hundreds 4 Thousands

The start to 2020 has been one of many challenges. Over the recent months, we have seen the effects that pressures, disasters, and social isolation have had on the community. For some, this has taken a toll, both physically and mentally.

As part of our efforts to help, Essendon Fields Medical Centre and Corporate Medical Consulting Services Group are working together to start Hundreds 4 Thousands, a charity to support our community.

We, the GPs and admin staff at Essendon Fields Medical Centre, are committing to complete our "Hundreds". That is, for those of us who can, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, and 100 squats for 100 days. That's an exercise for our arms, core, and legs, all of which can be accomplished inside during isolation and Winter.

We encourage everyone in the community to join in at whatever level you feel most able, to maintain your health through the coming months as COVID-19 continues to drive social distancing. The intent is the commitment to maintain healthy physical activity, so set a goal that's achievable for you.

If you'd like to make a donation, sign up to join in, or sponsor someone, you can pledge your support via this link. Any donations/sponsorship will be directed to the support of people whose mental health has been affected by COVID-19. Together, we can help not just ourselves, but also our community.

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