Small Group Services


We provide a series of services tailored to small groups. Designed to support management or groups of employees to maintain their health these services include:


  • Health and Wellbeing Seminars and Initiatives

  • Chronic Health Education

  • Health Checks

  • Safety and Injury Prevention sessions

Health and Wellbeing

Our Health Practitioners are able to provide seminars for education and support of your employees and managers.


By enhancing their understanding of their health, they are able to 

Health Checks

Regular health checks ensure that employees are maintaining their health, and/or are aware of potential health problems before they impact on capability.


Our health checks, known in some companies as Executive Health checks, are not only for executives, but for any employee who can not afford to be sick.

Chronic Health Education

We provide seminars on Chronic Health and Aging to companies to assist older employees, whether they are being retained, or transitioning to retirement.


By increasing the understanding of employees of their health, we can assist them to avoid significant health problems in the future.

Safety and Injury Prevention

By involving our CMCS Group in Safety and Injury Prevention, we assist you in the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of workplace injuries, providing an end-to-end solution.


We can assist with risk analysis, and appropriate management plans to achieve the outcomes you need.